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May 15, 2023


Blog: Driving Toward Success – Accelerating EV Adoption Means Building a Product Customers Actually Want to Use

Blog: Driving Toward Success – Accelerating EV Adoption Means Building a Product Customers Actually Want to Use

Providing a premium customer experience is what drives us at Koulomb. It’s essential to attracting and retaining EV drivers, as well as incentivizing new EV purchases. The ease of using the chargers, the speed at which they power up the car, and the accessibility of chargers all contribute to reducing what is called “range anxiety” in EV drivers.

Here are some key considerations for creating a positive EV charging customer experience:

  1. Location and accessibility: EV charging stations should be located in areas that are easily accessible and visible to drivers. They should be clearly marked with signage and located near parking areas and other amenities, such as restrooms or convenience stores.
  2. Charging speed: EV drivers are typically looking for charging stations that can quickly and efficiently recharge their vehicle’s battery. Nobody wants to wait hours to get back on the road. Offering fast charging options, such as Koulomb’s 350 kW chargers, can help improve the customer experience and reduce wait times.
  3. Payment options: Providing a range of payment options, such as credit card, mobile payment, or membership plans, can make it easier for customers to pay for their charging session and reduce friction at the charging station. Koulomb’s chargers accept payment through the EV Connect app or with a credit card swipe reader.
  4. User interface: EV charging stations should have an easy-to-use interface that guides customers through the charging process and provides clear feedback on charging progress and estimated charging time remaining. The fewer the steps, the better!
  5. Customer support: Providing customer support, such as a 24-hour hotline will help customers troubleshoot any issues they may encounter while charging their vehicle.
  6. Maintenance and cleanliness: EV charging stations should be well-maintained and kept clean to provide a positive customer experience. Koulomb services all its own equipment, ensuring it works and is clean and attractive for customers to visit.

Creating a positive customer experience at EV charging stations is critical for encouraging the adoption of electric vehicles and promoting sustainable transportation. By considering the location, charging speed, payment options, user interface, customer support, and maintenance and cleanliness, businesses can provide an optimal charging experience for their customers.


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