Government Agencies & Municipalities

We know that expanding our country’s EV infrastructure is a key initiative across all government agendas and we are here to help you achieve your goals.

Today’s drivers expect their local governments and planning boards to be thinking of the future to create more accessible and technologically-advanced cities. 

With EV sales increasing every year, we will soon be at the point where they outpace regular gasoline-powered vehicles. 

EV charging stations can be extremely costly to build and maintain. With Koulomb, we take on the financial burden for you, so there are no upfront capital costs to partner with us. Because we service and maintain our own equipment with our own O&M network, there are also no ongoing maintenance costs.

Partnering with Koulomb for an EV charging solution shows your local EV drivers you want to deliver a high-tech experience. 

Here’s how Koulomb stands out:

a person charging their EV at a Koulomb charging station
a highway leading to Atlanta skyline

Check out a few examples of charger configurations we can do for your city:

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