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April 12, 2023


Blog: The value of EV chargers for retailers

Blog: The value of EV chargers for retailers

Electric vehicle (EV) charging stations can be a valuable asset for retailers, as they attract potentially shoppers to their business while their vehicle charges. This increased foot traffic can leads to increased sales and customer loyalty. Here are some key considerations for retailers interested in offering EV charging stations:

  • Location: The location of the charging stations is critical to their success. They should be easily accessible and visible to EV drivers, ideally located near parking areas that are well-lit and clean. Koulomb services all its own equipment, ensuring it works and is clean and attractive for customers to visit.
  • Charging speed: EV charging speed can vary widely depending on the charging technology used. Koulomb’s chargers are the fastest on the market and can charge a vehicle in 15 minutes. Retailers should install fast chargers as this will be more attractive to EV drivers who are looking to quickly top off their battery while running errands.
  • Upkeep and maintenance: EV chargers require consistent maintenance, customer support, and oversight. Partner with Koulomb to earn revenue for your parking spots and let us worry about the upkeep and maintenance.

Offering EV charging stations can be a great way for retailers to attract and retain customers, while also supporting sustainable transportation options. By carefully considering the location, charging speed, pricing, and advertising, retailers can successfully leverage EV charging to boost traffic and sales at their stores.


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