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August 22, 2022


Blog: Koulomb’s Tailored Fleet Solutions

Blog: Koulomb’s Tailored Fleet Solutions

It is a hard decision to transition your fleet / logistics company to electric, but Koulomb can make execution easy and very affordable. We will not build a solution unless it will generate material savings to your fleet’s existing fuel expenses.
You didn’t buy a whole gas station when you decided to buy your gas-powered vehicles, why would you commit your valuable capital upfront to build a whole EV charging infrastructure for your EVs?

Electric is coming! With global increases in both the price of gas and the volatility of the price of gas, transitioning our nation’s fleets to electric is inevitable. With government incentives on the way, becoming an early adopter of EVs can give you a systemic advantage and P&L peace-of-mind.

Koulomb understands that this is no easy decision and we can help.

How we can help you get started:

  • Forecast future electricity needs

  • Guide you through EV incentives to go electric affordably

  • Optimize charging solution for range, redundancy, and cost

  • Ongoing maintenance of solution

  • We can build out your EV charging infrastructure affordably with a convenient rent-to-own program that has no down payment requirement:

  • Customized EV charging infrastructure

  • Solar & battery systems to eliminate your fuel costs

  • Ongoing maintenance and warranty

  • After rental period, we’ll transition ownership of the system to you

Koulomb Fleet Solutions Rent-to-Own Program

We’ll analyze your fuel consumption, future demand and design a solution that will, 1. generate you material savings starting on day 1, and 2. grow over time as you transition to owning the system.

a chart showing the cost savings of existing fuel and maintenance costs compared to Electric Vehicles

Assumptions: solution 25 vehicle fleet, 2,500,000 miles traveled per year, $4.00 average gas price, 2kWh/ mile EV fleet. 5 year rental program.

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