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March 9, 2022


Blog: Looking for a way to earn revenue for your parking spaces?

Blog: Looking for a way to earn revenue for your parking spaces?

Contact Koulomb to add revenue, foot traffic, and a modern look to your commercial, multi-family or government-owned property.

  • The White House (and automotive markets) are targeting that by 2030, 50% of all new cars sold are plug-in electric vehicles. Property owners have uncertainty on what that statistic means for their property.

  • I see charging stations popping up in my competitor’s properties, will that steal my foot traffic?

  • Do my customers care if I have charging capabilities? Do they care if its renewably-sourced energy?

  • Will customers spend more at my property if I offer charging?

  • The answer to all these questions is YES. Koulomb provides a turnkey fast charging solution that will install the fastest chargers on the market today in your location. Not only are there no costs to you, but Koulomb will pay you to lease your space.

Why Partner with Koulomb?

We have been installing charging stations for 10 years and understand how to navigate a highly complex environments of equipment supply chain, local zoning practices, utility interconnection, safety and compliance, ongoing maintenance of complex machinery, etc.

We are narrowly focused on quality and speed. Our goal is not to have slow chargers on every corner; it is to target key locations, install high quality equipment, and compensate our hosts in a manner consistent with a premium experience.

This is an expensive and complicated process. Let us handle it for you.
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